Angela Gilhotra / Projects

Ensure September, 2019

Ensure is a prototype for a Health Insurance Network on the Blockchain. Built upon Hyperledger Composer. The aim for building this prototype was to implement a blockchain based usage to identify fraud in insurance claim or prescription. Key players being: Doctors, patients, insurance provider and medical shop owners.

In the prototype, a claim is an asset with one of the three possible Status: Approved, Rejected, Claimed or Settled.

At each stage of the claim’s lifecycle, an event is emitted notifying the concerned parties of the current status and making the asset either a dead asset or continuing it further.

Future work

The following things are in the pipeline:

  1. Migration of the prototype to a more robust platform. preferably Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric.
  2. (Independent of Ensure) An independent system to digitize the creation of bill, prescription and diagnosis by the Doctor, and generating an IPFS hash for the three combined.